Youth Soccer in Greenwich

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Dear Parents,

We employ professional coaches to coach your child. Each coach believes in and teaches with the following philosophy;

"Play to develop before playing to win"

What does this mean?

1) We want your child to develop a passion for soccer that will last for the rest of their lives, not just the next few years.

2) We want your child to develop to their fullest both technically and tactically so that they have the option to play at whatever level they wish as they get older.

There are two ways to coach youth soccer; one is to boot the ball up the field as hard and as quickly as you can to the fast kids. This will undoubtedly result in many goals and wins at U9 and U10, but not for much longer. It does not achieve the objectives above. You will play against some teams who use this method, It is unlikely that these players will be on a soccer field in 5 years and if they are they will probably be very frustrated with their abilities.

The second method of coaching is to encourage the players to have confidence in their team-mates and pass the ball intelligently around the field to create scoring opportunites. The players learn how to play the right way and at the same time each player gets to touch the ball and therefore develop, it's not just the kid with the big foot and the fast kid. This requires the players to make smart decisions on the field about when and where to pass or dribble. Will the kids make mistakes that cost the team wins when they could have just booted the ball to safety? Yes of course, but in the long run they will become better individual players for it.

I think you can guess which method the GSA coaches use!

Please support the coaches in this long term goal.